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We're dynamic leadership speakers who deliver engaging speeches on leadership and management for company meetings, workshops, and industry conferences. After all, speaking is an opportunity to make an impression, to influence an audience in a way that no other medium can. It's not only an opportunity to communicate your vision and passion for a subject, but a way to inspire change. Connecting with a group of people, taking them on an inspirational journey, can be a remarkable experience for presenter and audience alike.

All great speeches include three key ingredients:

  • Riveting content from a dynamic subject expert.

  • Inspiring anecdotes told by a genuine story teller.

  • Unique insights that arouse memorable takeaways

We deliver all that and more. We're not one-trick ponies with a best-selling book, a controversial take on a subject, a gimmick, and a few sound bites. We're subject matter experts who've spent our entire careers in front of executive management teams, boards of directors, and industry conferences.

We deliver fully customized speeches on a broad range of contemporary topics for company meetings, industry conferences, and educational forums. We lead and facilitate executive team off-sites, training sessions, panel discussions, and workshops. Our experience is worldwide, with or without simultaneous translation.

Dynamic Speeches on Management and Leadership

As for subject matter, our experience is broad, diversified, and topical, so whatever behavior you'd like to reinforce or messages you'd like to get across, just contact us and we'll work with you to craft the right program to meet your needs and budget.

And be sure to check out Steve Tobak's columns on Fox Business and Entrepreneur to get a sense of his unique insights and expertise on the following and other customizable speaking topics:

  • Business and management trends
  • Business life and work-life balance
  • Inspiring leadership anecdotes and advice
  • Management and business best practices
  • Business and product growth strategy
  • Barriers and hurdles for startup companies
  • Corporate turnarounds and transitions
  • Corporate governance and board trends
  • Trends in marketing and sales strategy 
  • The intersection of technology and business
  • The intersection of business and politics-regulation
  • Technology trends and crystal ball
  • Management issues, conflict resolution
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational strategy, development, and issues
  • Strategic alternatives, mergers and acquisitions
  • Change management strategy
  • Communications, PR, and crisis management strategy


Executive Speaker Training

We also coach executives and managers to become great speakers, old school or online, freeform or Powerpoint, for intimate settings or large audiences. Just contact us for more information.


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An insightful and provocative speech doesn't just communicate a viewpoint -- it connects, inspires and motivates.