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About Invisor

Invisor Consulting is a Silicon Valley-based management consulting firm. We specialize in advising CEOs and management teams of small and mid-sized technology companies on business strategy and providing executive coaching and speaking services.

Innovative Business Strategy

In a global market, companies need a competitive edge to win. We give our clients that edge by consistently providing insightful advice, innovative strategies, and best-in-class processes that optimize management performance and deliver high-impact results.

The way we accomplish that is unique among consultants. We don't waste your precious time, we're not into management fads, we don't use confusing buzzwords, we don't charge outlandish fees, and we don't offer strategic advice that's practically impossible to execute.

After all, we're former senior executives, just like you. We spent most of our careers engaged in high-stakes competitive battles with some of the biggest, toughest companies around. And by any measure, we were pretty successful at it. We may not have all the answers, but we're damn good at helping our clients find them. Here's how we do it:

  • We rapidly digest information, analyze situations, and formulate unique insights and breakthrough strategies that deliver high-impact results. If we fail to deliver that last part, we failed.
  • We don't just throw ideas over the fence and say good luck. For ideas to be successful, it's all about execution. These days, it's more like flawless execution. If the devil's in the details, we're all over the details.
  • We question the status quo and challenge conventional wisdom. We don't sugar-coat, manage expectations, cover our asses, or BS. We just give it to you straight, the way we'd want to hear it ourselves.
  • We're experienced C-level executives. This isn't our first time out of the gate. We're survivors who have won more than our share of races. We're quick studies, fast on our feet, and we cut to the chase.
  • We care about your success as we would our own. And we hate to lose. Maybe that sounds corny, but that's our work ethic. Our primary motivation is to help our customers win.
  • We share a unique relationship with our customers that's built on trust and common objectives. By combining our broad experience with your intimate knowledge of your business, we can resolve even the most complex and challenging issues.
  • We operate best on a lean budget and with skin in the game. I bet no consultant's ever said that before. But it's true for the simple reason that, well, that's how we spent our careers. We're used to it.

A successful client - consultant relationship is based in part on communication and chemistry. We've tried to provide genuine insight into the way we think and operate, but you can only glean so much from a website. So when you're done checking out our partner bios and the rest of the site, contact us so we can learn more about each other and bounce some ideas around in real time.

Partner Bios

Steve Tobak, Managing Partner

Laura Abram, Founding Partner

Gary Lefkowitz, Partner


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Invisor Consulting

About Us Review

Invisor would certainly be on my short list for companies seeking advice about their strategy.


- Phil Dauber, former CEO